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After decades of close collaboration and partnership, the MIT Community Service Fund (CSF) and Community Giving at MIT have officially joined the Institute under the CSF banner and continue their pursuit of philanthropic leadership in Greater Boston.

Prior to the merger, Community Giving served as MIT’s workplace giving program. While the two organizations served distinct functions, they share a vision of service as a central feature of MIT’s culture.

“We are thrilled to have taken this step, and are honored to continue working shoulder to shoulder with our partners at Community Giving,” says Jared Kuhn, chairman of CSF’s Board of Trustees and associate professor of work and organization studies. ” at MIT Sloan School of Management. “We look forward to new heights of collaboration within MIT, as well as with local non-profit organizations and community members.”

A community service advocate for more than 30 years, Paul Paravano, co-director of MIT’s Office of Government and Community Relations, believes the merger will bring the needed energy and focus on the MIT community’s impactful and innovative service efforts. .

“I feel strongly that it is important to MIT Education that we set strong examples for our students, where we share resources and opportunities with others beyond our campus,” he says. “We are proud to realize this partnership, redouble MIT’s commitment to service, and work on behalf of our neighbors to take even more of that unparalleled MIT problem-solving sensibility. We are confident that our community Will continue and expand our support for that commitment.”

Bevin Engelward, chairman of the MIT Community Giving Steering Committee and professor of biological engineering, says, “By combining foot-pounds of efforts from MIT volunteers, along with funding through donations, the newly envisioned CSF will have a greater impact than ever before.” “

Established in 1968 by MIT faculty, the Community Service Fund provides financial resources to support MIT students, staff, and faculty volunteers in public service initiatives. From strengthening collaboration between the institute and surrounding communities to service projects that provide educational value to MIT students, the organization’s founding principles are at the heart of CSF’s work.

During 2020, CSF and Community Giving collaborated to implement the COVID-19 Neighborhood Response Fund, which has raised more than $139,000 for six Cambridge nonprofits helping homeless and food-insecure individuals and families during the pandemic. providing services during

Given the continued success of that initiative and the breadth of support it has received, stakeholders from both Community Giving and CSF have called for new ways to focus further on the needs of surrounding communities, as well as a number of innovative service, volunteering and philanthropy efforts. Of. Being done by individuals at MIT.

The revived Community Service Fund is as passionate about community impact as ever, and optimistic about the prospect of a movement at MIT. They look forward to continuing to collaborate with organizations such as PKG Public Service Center and Mindhandheart to advance MIT’s better world vision at the local level, create service and leadership opportunities for students, staff and faculty, champion Create community-led change. Better MIT.

With spring just around the corner, there’s no better time to join the MIT Community Service Fund. Visit their website to know more.

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