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In a letter to the MIT community today, Sanjay Sarma, Vice President of Open Learning, announced the appointment of Professor Cynthia Brazile as Dean for Digital Learning. Deployment of digital technologies for learning. These include MIT xPRO, Bootcamps, Horizon, Center for Advanced Virtuality, MIT Integrated Learning Initiative, RAISE and other strategic initiatives. Brazel has served as the Senior Associate Dean for Open Learning since the fall.

As Dean, Brazil will lead the corporate education efforts, helping to develop an existing portfolio of online business courses, content libraries and boot camps, while identifying areas of convergence and innovation to address the needs of companies and professionals. Will look at the whole. She will lead research efforts at MIT Open Learning into teaching, learning, and how new technologies can enhance both virtual and augmented reality, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence and the science of learning. Breazeal will help inject these new technologies and pedagogy into the learning offerings of all teams.

“Cynthia brings a remarkable combination of experience and expertise to Deanship. She consistently displays an outstanding facilitation for leadership and collaboration, bringing people, ideas and technologies together in creative and useful ways,” Sarma wrote in her letter to the community. “Cynthia is an ambassador for women in STEM and a trailblazer in interdisciplinary research and community engagement.”

Director of MIT RAISE – a cross-MIT research effort on advancing AI education for K-12 and adult learners – and head of the Personal Robots Research Group at the MIT Media Lab, Breazeal is a professor of media arts and sciences and a leading in human-robot interaction and social robotics. His research focus includes technological innovation in AI and user experience design, combined with understanding the psychology of engagement to design personalized AI technologies that foster human flourishing and personal development. Over the past decade, his work has expanded to include outreach, engagement and education in AI literacy, along with the design and use of AI. They have placed a special emphasis on diversity and inclusion with technology for all ages, backgrounds and comfort levels.

“The work Open Learning is doing to bring the best of MIT’s learning, knowledge and technology to the world is thrilling to me,” says Brazile. “I am excited to work with these teams and expand their respective programs and develop new, more integrated, potentially thematic solutions for corporations and professionals.”

There is an increasing sophistication in the needs of the professional workforce, says TC Haldi, senior director at MIT xPRO, as technologies and systems become more complex in every field. Cynthia has a keen understanding of the intersection between research and industry, and His learning and insight into technology are invaluable.”

Breezil will also continue to lead the Personal Robots Research Group, whose recent work focuses on the topic of “living with AI” and understanding the long-term impact of social robots that can build relationships and personalize as helpful companions in daily life. can provide assistance. Under his continued direction, the RAISE Initiative, a joint collaboration between the Media Lab, Open Learning, and MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, brings AI resources and education opportunities to teachers and students in the United States and around the world through workshops and professional Used to be. Training, practical activities, research and courses.

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